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Welcome to the Farwell Athletic Club FAN FEEDBACK page!

Randy: What a tremendous website! I am married to Sandi Mudloff, (daughter of Pete and Bernadine). We get back to Farwell about once every couple of years. Beautiful town, beautiful people, great heritage. I am a sportscaster in Rapid City, South Dakota and privileged to live near Phyllis Alexander (niece of Grover Cleveland Alexander) and a major contributor of memorabilia and support to the St. Paul baseball museum. I am proud to have married in to the wonderful legacy of Farwell!

Bob Laskowski, Rapid City, SD

Yes, your website is very good and very elaborate. Congratulations.

Jim Stamborski
author of "Don't Get Me Wrong" about Mike Ditka.
(Quotes are at DITKA-ISMS.)

A stay at the Farwell Arms sounds like an interesting idea. Judy and I had a good time (again). It was great to see people I had not seen in half a century such as Jerry Fanta, Glenn Hansen, Joan Ambrose--and of course, the others, such as Carl, Ron Pawloski, Jim Horky, etc.---and though Paul says sever-al of us got together for the CWS in 1972(?), because I don't remember much of that, it was like seeing Ray J. for the first time in 50 years(that's a hell of a long time). It was also good that Dave Gillispie as able to be a part of the supper at the Legion--as well as Connie. In all, it was another great day.

I know how devoted you are to the baseball and its history, but I'm not sure how long you/we would be able to stretch the interest in something that (alas) has become a part of history for many. I DO think the re-union of old friends/classmates is good, but perhaps it should be the primary focus with the baseball a (close) secondary focus. Your thoughts?

Farwell IS a special place and I do have some thoughts percolating in my mind that should end in some kind of poem/tribute to my home town. When it comes together I shall send it to you and you can do with it what you will.

At any rate, it was another truly fine day and you are to be commended for your in-tense interest and hard work. If Darryl were still with us, he would have helped in all the preparations--but now we must simply remember him with fondness and appreci-ation for all he did to keep Farwell alive in the minds of those who have moved away but have profitted from growing up there.

Best regards, Jim

I think a reunion of as many as can/are to participate is good yearly. The baseball pictures are fun bu could still more interest be sparked by displaying as many old pictures of the town and its inhabitants as can be rounded up? I think it was Joan Ambrose who had a scrap book or two which went back to the 50's but the older citizens (here is where you look to the extended family of Lukasiewiczs) must have some pictures that would sserve as a drawing card. What do you think?

Jim Holecheck

Randy, I'm glad everything fell into place OK! Up until the day before I was getting conflicting messages from "the team" as to who would or would not be there. I'm really sorry I didn't make it, but it was very important to me that I was at that wedding on Saturday afternoon ( it stretched into the evening and early following morning, if you get my drift), the young lady and her family was very dear to me and I owed them a great deal of gratitude and felt like my presence would be partial payback for their kindness and generosity. I'll put June 10, 2007 on the docket! I haven't talked to anyone yet. I just got back into town, I took a class and am regrouping and heading out again on Sunday for another class. If you see a "brightness" on the western horizon in the early morning hours the sun hasn't reversed its course, it's merely all the knowledge and intelligence I'm gathering this summer seeping out of my head! Hopefully I'll retain some of it.

Thanks, Rich C.

I let the guys know you were pleased, and I know we could have even done better!
That will leave us room for improvement next year!! - Randy L.

I love it! Forward any of our relative's response as they are fun to see. My dad sent $100 for a donation. What address should I send it too? I'd also like to buy shirts for my family, dad, Pam, Jan and Jim. I think they next thing to do on the shirts is to send $9 each and shirt sizes. To what address please???

Ric Lukasiewicz

I copied my cousin, Randy, that will find Romuald and Konstanczy's obituaries to check out the town they were from. He thinks it speaks of a place called Kosiescko, Poland??!! Is it near your home town? Randy and I'd LOVE learning anything about our family heritage.

The Farwell community owns the town and my cousin (Randy's sister) is now running our family business there.
The community Poznan was initially created next to what is now Farwell. It was a community started by a group of persons moving directly from Poland and Chechsulvania. There were floods in Poznan so they moved the town onto a hill close by and Farwell was born.
Farwell is a nice 152 person community where my great grandfather or great-great-grandfather started Lukasiewicz Harness Shop and Mortuary sometime around 1920's. His two sons ran the business successfully and eventually split it into two business ran separately by each. One of them, my grandfather, bought many buildings in town that eventually lead into a furniture, appliance, carpeting, and farming equipment small business. My cousin now owns the business.

Thanks for the explanation.

Kosiescko sounds like no place near Poznan but let's hear from Randy first. Anyway I sounds like lots of Lukasiewiczs live in Farwell. So US Poznan no loger exists, correct? That is sad :(


:-)))))))) Dzien dobry. Nice to meet you Randy. "Universytet Poznan at Farwell" sounds not bad, and it appeared in my Outlook notification so originally I thougth you've found Romuald graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University at Poznan or Poznan University of Technology I've graduated from.

Good afternoon from Cracow ;) I'm dying of curiosity.

BTW. I've just looked at Farwell Ne. in Google Earth and it looks to me it is located in the centre of US. - good and safe place to settle in :-) and its just 5127.49 miles from where I'm right now.


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From: Randy Lukasiewicz [mailto:kazumrl@carrollsweb.com]
Sent: Monday, 26 June, 2006 14:50
To: Czajka Krzysztof-AKC013; Ric Lukasiewicz
Subject: Universytet of Poznan!!

good AM from Omaha Nebraska, USA. Your are correct in that Poznan does no longer exist. Yes, it is sad,....... HOWEVER, besides living on in memory in our hearts and early photos and in commemoration of Poznan, our anscestors, Farwell, the school and their contributions to society, I have created a "Universytet Poznan at Farwell" t-shirt!! I have a white short sleeve and a black long sleeve t-shirt with front lettering. I guess you'd say this is a Polish joke 'you can wear."!

I will try to find a more exact town in Poland where Romuald Lukasiewicz may have come from.

Jen dobre' ....or however you spell it!

randy lukasiewicz

Randy, it was a great weekend. I had forgotten how deep my roots are in Farwell. My heart was heavy as I left yesterday. I could see the people that are my legacy walking the streets downtown. A late 1060's afternoon on main street was vivid in my memory as I stared down the street yesterday. I felt pride when I thought of all the work, hope and dreams that our ancestors put in to the town. I can't thank you and Ron enough for making the effort that brought this all together. It was an event I will cherish for life.

Stay in touch. We hope to see everyone in Lincoln in September. Keep watching our web site www.lukehamsandwich.com for more information.


When you say Open, are you talking Golf? If so--all right!!! --and yes, I'd be interested.


HI Randy - - great to hear from you. I miss hanging out with the Old Timers gang. I travel so much, it is hard to make evening, weekday events. The photo was great - - Holechek looks so tall, for those days.

I thought Harold Andersons kind words were great in his column, too.

Hope all is well.

Your friend, Hal.

Keep the FAC site information coming. I love it. I forward each email you send to Mom and Dad and know they enjoy them as they recognize names and places since they (esp Mom) visited Farwell as children. Again, I would like to help and coffee would be a great time. Take care of yourself. All the best

Don Fagan.

Randy- I think you just hit a home run. Great format, Great idea. Keep this thing going, I think it is about ready to catch fire.

Bob Engles

Hi Randy

First, Mary and I had a great time at the reunion. Our congratulations to you and Ron Sack for all the work and effort that you put into the event. Was a great 3 days. Will give you a longer report later. I did get to met Roy Olsen. I called him on the phone, identified myself and asked if he knew my dad Joe Curtis. He said he sure did and where was I at, the Motel 8, I said yes, and he says my wife and I are on our way there, don't leave. We spent a few hours with Roy and his wife of over 50 years Dorthy. He showed us St. Paul, all the changes, where the tornado went through, and then took us to his home to give us a tour. Told us a lot of funny stories about him and my dad and things they did working together.

We stopped out at the cemetery and took pictures of all the grave sites that were Lukasiewicz or Wysocki. I don't have any genealogy info on my grandmothers brothers, sisters, mom and dad and so forth. Do you have any information on the Wysocki's that you could share? My son got quite a kick out of playing the old time baseball. It looks fun to play and is a lot of fun to watch. Glad you set up the match. I have attached a few pictures you might like.

Again thanks for such a great reunion celebration.

Ron & Mary

Randy the county map on the wall, where did that come from and is it possible to get a copy? or a copy of the area that covers Farwell, St. Paul and Dannebrog. It shows my grandfather Curtis's 120 acre farm as well as his brother Bill's 120 acre farm next to it. Its also where my sister and I were born.

It's great to see some hometown spirit and pride in where so many people grew up or know about! (regardless of where we all are now). Good website!

(who's grandparents were born in Farwell and who's dad grew up there, too) I wonder if the Nesiba Polka Orchestra was playing for that picture I saw on the website.... :)

Russ Nesiba

HI Randy!
Great to hear from you, as well. I saw Amy (and Tim) at Grover Cleveland Alexander days and then they and your mom were at dads memorial as well... it's good to know that farwell is well in their hands!

Our parents had great admiration for each other... when we get thru all the pictures, etc., at 'dads' house, there may very well be a bunch of Lukasiewicz's in there as well. I know when your dad was killed, that was a tragic moment for my parents. They really looked forward to seeing each other and when "Laverne and Eunice" were mentioned, it was always in the most positive (and I remember how important they were to mom and dad).

My grandparents and my parents had a lot of respect for Farwell and loved the people and their experiences there. That was good to learn.

Aunt Erma (and it's Erma, instead of Irma) is amazing! One of the things we did for dads memorial service was to write a "top 10" list of things we learned from 'dad'. # 7 was "listen for the clarinet part". When Reynold and I went to Kearney the morning of dads memorial, to pick up Aunt Erma, she got in the car and said, "if you turn on KMMJ, they'll have some polkas' playing". So we did... and right away, first song, she said, "WOW! Listen to that clarinet".... I almost wrecked. One of my favorite pictures of all time is that of the "Nesiba orchestra" in front of their 'van' --- parked outside my grandpas shop on mainstreet in Farwell. Music is what the Czechs and Poles and others brought with them to this country... it sustains life, even when life is hard. AND living in the alps north of Farwell, and growing crops on that land is HARD! Dad taught us well, that the toughest people on the planet were the ones who could survive there.

I remember Chic Peterson barely, and of course our Uncle Gerald talked modestly about playing ball in Farwell and around the area. It was quite a time, I'm sure. Part of that certainly lives on in stories and pictures throughout the area and it's great for you to bring it forth so others can realize just what happened in our own little community... whether it's farwell, st paul, danneverke (however you spell it), boelus, 'midway', elba... proud people have emerged from there and have contributed to the world as caring, loving individuals.

As for me, I do sell real estate, but my main love and main job is at an organization called Project Angel Heart. We are a non-profit 'meals on wheels program' for people living with life threatening illness. We serve almost 500 clients at the moment in Denver and in Colorado Springs. I run the distribution department and have been there for over 10 years. My favor ite thing now, is knowing that I spent most of my life trying to figure out how to make money on food, and now I give it away! Our website is http://www.projectangelheart.org Check us out! I live in denver, just bought a condo of my own and loving my life very much. Not much I'd change, especially being from central Nebraska and having the back ground I got growing up in Howard County.

Thanks for taking the steps necessary to bring this about... I think its great. Keep it up! And tell your mom 'hi'.


Great site. My wife is from Farwell and went to school here K-8. Now the school is K-6. Even though I have only been here just over 12 years and never went to school here in Farwell, the struggle the small schools are going through with LB126 makes me sad to think that in the future there may be no school in Farwell. Without a school can it really be a village?

It is nice to know that no matter what happens, part of Farwell's heritage will live on in the kids that received such a quality education here. Another part of Farwell will live on in this website.

Thanks Randy for taking the initiative to preserve Farwell.

Alan J. Bartels

Sounds like what the world and all of us need today.

Bonnie and Ersh

I think your website is awesome. Keep up the good work, brother. You are in my prayers as I hope I am in yours.

Peace and Blessings,

Mike Bennett

You've created a "virtual" museum -- no heating bills, no need to sell tickets!

Paul Hammel
Omaha World Herald

Hi Randy. Love what you have done with the site and also using my picture and column. Thanks much. You've done a great job with the FAC website.

Jay Brady, author, contributor

The future of Farwell, Blair, Omaha and Chicago will be determined by the people that are in these places. The reasons that all of these places were formed initially are not the reasons that they are here now.

I turned 70 this summer. That SOUNDS old to me. But, mostly, I feel the same now as I felt 10, 30 and 50 years ago. But I DO feel old when I think of the memories that I have. The world has changed so profoundly, and I have SEEN it!

Many of the small towns will eventually disappear. They'll disappear because not enough people will care, and the reason for their being will disappear.

Richard Hunt

Randy--yesterday was extraordinary and extremely enjoyable. I told Judy that I will have to write about the experience, the town, the people. It may be a poem , it may be an essay, it may be a kind of memoir--I don't know yet, but I have many ideas running around in my head. At any rate, muchas, muchas gracias for all your devoted work and organization. You and Larry did a fantastic job( I will be contact-ing him to say so--does he have an e-mail address? If so , please let me know what it is).

It has been so long since I saw the old town--many aspects of the day amazed me(for instance, how large some things were in my memory and how small they really are). It was good to see people--all so genuine, so completely without pre-tension. Larry Luke is a classic example--he is what he is (which is great incidentally). Carl Jerabek is the same person I remember from 49 years ago--still, happy, still friendly, still easy-going and genuine. I know I seem to be repeating that idea but years away from Farwell have shown me so many who are not what they seem ---yet everything in

Farwell seems/is----genuine. "I am what I am--and I don't think about what I am or pretend---take me for what I am." What a marvelous way to be.

I ramble. Thanks again for the great day. Jim H.

I would like to thank you for inviting us to the celebration at Farwell on Aug 20th. It was a pleasure to me you as Lou and Nancy have talked about you a great deal. It was a day that Lou and I both throughly enjoyed. To see the pictures of my dad from his playing days was a big thrill for me. To be there at Farwell brought back many stories both my dad and mom told many of times. It was like I had been there many times before. What really touched me were the people who actually knew my dad or mom. To hear many of them talk so lovingly of both of them. That touched me very much. It would of been so neat to see those ball players there today and listen to their many stories. As one man said those ole ball players are gone, but you can bet they were there today with us all. Thanks for doing a wonderful job with the special day. I will remember it forever. I hope that next year if you have the 80 year celebration of the 1926 team that you will remember us. I would love to be there. I hope that someday I will be able to copy those in which you have to have for my own

Thanks again,
Bob Waltman - Stromsburg (son of Howard Waltman)

Hi Jill.Nancy,myself,Randy's girls went to Farwell and I had a great time.Hated to leave,but Nancy,Holly,Monica had to get back to Omaha.Maybe a hundred people at the day even.Hope the dance has more people. Randy worked so hard for this event.I received a vase of flowers and kind words were said to me about Dad.Of course all new Dad or of him.Was just wonderful for me to go back to Farwell.I really enjoy this day so much.We have such a great friend,Randy on our side.He keeps Dad's memories a live and is just so gifted at organizing and displaying work of arts for the Farwell people.We are a better people for having Randy in our court.Need to go.Love,Mom

Good morning, Bradyville. Your faithful reporter is home again, home again, jiggity jog, and enjoyed an absolutely fantastic weekend. As my dear old granddad used to say, "I had so much fun I couldn't believe what I was doing was not immoral or illegal." By the way, do you know the difference between immoral and illegal? Immoral is something that is morally wrong and illegal is a sick bird.

I left early Friday morning and enjoyed an hour long break in Arnold to visit with old friends, Bill and Cyd Miller. Arrived in St. Paul and checked into the Bel Air Motel. There I met owners and operators, Tom and Ginny Jankovich, who are a delightful couple and doing a wonderful job of restoring the fine motel to it's original condition. It's taken a lot of work and dedication, but I highly recommend Bel Air for comfort, convenience and being treated royally by Tom and Ginny. We also welcome them to our Bradyville family and they can be reached at (tjankovich@juno.com) or to call the motel it's 308-754-4466.

I've already made a reservation to return the last weekend of September for the 3 day 220 mile junk yard sale that is a festive fall event put on by many communities along highway 2 west from Grand Island and also included towns along highway 92 and 11. This covers most of the North and Middle Loup area as each community features sales, special events and programs to entertain the public. I'll be signing books and enjoying the fun from St. Paul's wonderful Baseball Museum that is a must see for any fan. Pictures, stories and mementos of all past and present baseball players who have Nebraska ties. Of course, Grover Cleveland Alexander is prominently featured as he was a native of Elba and St. Paul. Dinner Friday and Saturday nights at the Legion Club proved they haven't lost their touch in satisfying every taste bud with steaks, seafood and most anything your little heart desires. Their desserts are to die for.

Everyone is welcome and it's another way to be good to you by enjoying your favorite drink and an unforgettable meal. The festivities in introducing the Farwell Athletic Club and honoring former high school athletes and town team baseball players was well attended and much enjoyed. Former players and family members packed the school gym to view the old pictures and share memories of those times from about 1900 until the mid 1960s.

If every small town had a historian and worker like Farwell's Randy Lukasiewicz, there would not be so many villages rolling up the streets and becoming ghost towns. Randy has done a super job in creating interest in his hometown and we are so proud of this Bradyville member. Auburn Mayor, His Honor Robert Engles, drove out to attend the celebration as he and Randy were college roommates at Creighton and have maintained their contact through the years. After I finished speaking I asked His Honor how I did. He said, "Your voice really filled the auditorium. In fact, several people left to make room for it."

With more memories than anyone could expect to enjoy in one short weekend, I headed home about 5:00 yesterday morning, arriving by noon. Old blue ran without a hitchthe weather was perfect and my new found salvation, Zelmore, is solving my longtime internal problem. Dear old granddad would have said, "If things were any better, I'd think I must be somebody else."

The kitties greeted me with open paws and both helped me unpack. They climbed in and out of my travel bag and checked each item in hopes of finding something I brought them. After a well deserved session of pets, pats and brushing, they joined me for a nap. My "You've Got Mail" box was jammed so sadly once again I had to delete many items just to catch up, but I thank you all for staying in touch.

The kits have been fed and are ready for their first full week of sitting on the living room picture window sill serving the neighborhood watch program as children go to school. They love it when some of the kids wave to them as they pass by. Miss Abigail waves back and Dolly hides behind the drapes. So, I guess all is about back to normal on Dogwood Avenue. I'll bid you farewell after wishing you a wonderful week and a great day. Please continue to share your most needed smile, and don't forget to be good to you.

Bye for now:

Hi cousin Randy!

This is Ric Lukasiewicz. I love the web site!

Thank you very much. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote.

Would you please send me 2 baseball caps.

Look Forward, Look Forward, Don't look back.

Love Uncle Melvin

Hey, Tony was my mother's uncle!!!!!! He passed away a few years back but had one of the 2(?) bars in Farwell after he returned from WW II I think. As a youngster, I do remember him to be quite a character, full of mischief and the good time. He must be making the angels laugh now.

Sounds like something could be brewing up with the rest. I am one for coffee. Let us work on it. And the sooner the better, otherwise time passes, and nothing progresses.


Hi Randy,

I couldn't find www.farwellathleticclub.com. Does it not exist yet?

The future of Farwell, Blair, Omaha and Chicago will be determined by the people that are in these places. The reasons that all of these places were formed initially are not the reasons that they are here now.

I turned 70 this summer. That SOUNDS old to me. But, mostly, I feel the same now as I felt 10, 30 and 50 years ago. But I DO feel old when I think of the memories that I have. The world has changed so profoundly, and I have SEEN it!

Many of the small towns will eventually disappear. They'll disappear because not enough people will care, and the reason for their being will disappear.

Richard H.

awesome. awesome. awesome.


Ditka for Congress!



Great site. My wife is from Farwell and went to school here K-8. Now the school is K-6. Even though I have only been here just over 12 years and never went to school here in Farwell, the struggle the small schools are going through with LB126 makes me sad to think that in the future there may be no school in Farwell. Without a school can it really be a village?

It is nice to know that no matter what happens, part of Farwell's heritage will live on in the kids that received such a quality education here. Another part of Farwell will live on in this website.

Thanks Randy for taking th initiative to preserve Farwell.

Alan J. Bartels

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