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Like all things alive, growing and happening, this site will change. Soon, you will find a community calendar. As our pace of life continues to accelerate, we all (at least I do) need help to keep Farwell events, places and times straight. Hopefully, the Farwell Times will help you also.

Speaking of a calendar, 2006 marks 50 years since undefeated Farwell went to state in Class E.
Now, that's impressive!

To continue the Farwell Centennial goal of Preserving the Past and Promoting the Future, tax-deductible donations will be most welcome to the Farwell Athletic Club Foundation someday (in the works). We need a place to show off the trophies and tell stories about our heroes and Sunday afternoons in Farwell, the Sherman-Howard League, view Darryl Krzycki's Husker collection and become home to a Chicago Bears/Cubs fan Club.

We need a place where you can go and listen, and listen very carefully, to just possibly the sound of those steel cleats coming up the sidewalk!!!! And, to you Grabowski's of the world, if a fan club is started, you know the #1 Grabowski (Ditka) said he's got to be invited.

Just like a team builds for the future by laying a good foundation of expertise, vision, experience, and continuance of success for future generations, so too, you can help be a part of continuing the good work you and your family may have started right years ago here in Farwell by saying YES to future generations.

So, until a Foundation is created with a 501c status, please consider saying YES to future generations, by donating to the following local cornerstones that will gladly welcome any donations, big or small, for maintenance and upkeep:

1. St. Anthony's Catholic Church and Cemetery Fund (the Oldest Polish Catholic Church West of the Mississippi and one of the nicest and cleanest cemeteries I've ever seen.) A 130 year old vibrant faith community still exists, and is maybe even stronger since just becoming a mission.

There is NO wavering in Faith OR Food here.

2. Farwell Volunteer Fire Department and Quick Response Team. This is one of the greatest and hardest working bunch of men and women in the community. They work hard to preserve and protect the people and their property and save lives here in the area and where needed, FOR NOTHING, I must add. They are not paid. The departments can always use dollars.

The value of life and property takes on a new meaning when YOU have to go put out your own fires and rescue your own neighbors and friends.

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