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Welcome to the Farwell Athletic Club

Updated on March 23, 2014 - More Updates On The Way!

This is what the Farwell Athletic Club is all about.

I had the 1919 team photo for 25 years before I ever noticed the design on the guys’ shirts. There may, or may not, have been an Athletic Club. I have asked a lot of folks. No one remembers. Besides, it really doesn’t matter. Maybe they had a building and a meeting spot. Who knows? All I know is that athletics and baseball were a big and powerful activity that brought much community pride, excitement, unity, fun and Spirit to Farwell and small town Americana for years.

I am firmly convinced they had Faith, a great Attitude and a wonderful Spirit of Community. If we carry on with those same qualities, the Farwell Athletic Club WILL stay alive, where ever we are.

You may forget about Farwell and the FARWELL ATHLETIC CLUB, but don't forget what made the F.A.C. :

Faith, Attitude and Community!


Randy "Luke" Lukasiewicz

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