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Food, Faith, and Fun in Farwell…. June 10, 2007

The 3rd Annual Farwell Athletic Club/ Sherman-Howard Event will be held Friday, June 8th thru Sunday June 10th at the Farwell Public School in Farwell Nebraska . The 1939 Farwell Baseball Team will be recognized at the 1:30 PM Sunday afternoon program along with the 1947 FHS basketball that lost 2 games, played all away games, and practiced outside because they had “no gym.”

Farwell and Sherman-Howard League photos and memorabilia will be on exhibit. Following the 2:00 PM program at the FHS gym, Farwell will take on Ord Tigers again in a vintage ballgame where the Panthers will try and avenge a 24-12 loss in 2006. The Tigers will “appear out of the cornfield” at 4:00 PM prior to the game at St. Anthony's ball field. Bring your own lawn chairs.

To also celebrate the 130 th Anniversary of St. Anthony's Catholic Church (oldest Polish Catholic Church West of the Mississippi) AND Farwell's 120th Birthday, a Polka Mass will be held at 10:30 followed by an ‘authentic” Polish meal and a Polka Dance by Koncel's band at the Pawloski Community Center 1-4 PM.

The FAC photo exhibit and local pictures will be available for viewing Friday evening 6-9 PM, Saturday 1-9 and Sunday 12-5. The “Angels in the Outfield” and the classic “Who's on First” will be shown FREE in the FHS gym Saturday at 7:30.

All events are open to the public. Former residents, FHS students and alumni and Sherman-Howard League players are encouraged to attend and bring any school, church, town and team photos. Family members, especially from the 1939 team and the FHS “NO GYM” era, are encouraged to attend and share stories.

Please contact 1-402-657-9150 or 1-308-336-3351 to help, donate or have any questions.

1947 Farwell High (NO GYM) Basketball Team

BACK ROW, Al Strelecki, Mel Lukasiewicz, Don Wolinski, Darryl Lukasiewicz,Dan Dilla, Larry Lukasiewicz, Coach Mike Vohland. FRONT ROW, Dale Olsen, Bob Gdanitz, Stanley Koperski, Gaylen Wysocki, Milt Nesiba

1939 Farwell Baseball Team

BACK ROW, Mgr. Geo. Dilla, Coach H. T. Jackson, Spotty Kwiatkowski, Clifford Juel, Howard Waltman, Jim Juel, Albert Horky, Freddy Hankins, Johnny Pawloski. FRONT ROW, Victor Mudloff, Roman Mudloff, Paul Zeleski, Ray Gudenrath, Donald Kipp, Butch Borzych, Roy Olsen, Dominic Dorszynski.
BATBOY, Galen Jackson

St. Anthony's Catholic Church being moved to present location @ 1925

Farwell Athletic Club Reunion Weekend 2006 a Success!

Visitors from Australia, Colorado, Kansas, Ohio, Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri, along with thirteen different communities from Nebraska plus a former teacher, Keith Berg, of Shickley, ascended upon Farwell in June 2006 to attend and participate in this 2nd annual Celebration.

The event started Friday evening with an Open House and viewing of the bi-media photo exhibit of the "Sights and Sounds of Sunday Afternoon Town Team Baseball."

The theme of the Saturday 2 pm program was "Reviving the Drive of the Farwell 5 from '55" recognizing the largest class to ever attend Farwell (13) 50 years ago , it's outstanding athletic accomplishments in both basketball (23-1) and volleyball (11-0), and also the Farwell baseball team that won the 1926 Howard County Championship.

The St. Paul American Legion Post 119 Color Guard presented the colors followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a very inspiring message and prayer of Faith, Hope and Love by Jerry Hruza. He also commented on his memories of the wonderful sports accomplishments of the FHS basketball team of '49 that went to State despite the fact they did not have a gym of their own to practice in.

Former Omaha resident, FHS 1956 graduate and Sherman-Howard League player Darryl Krzycki was honored posthumously for his tremendous Spirit of Community towards Farwell throughout the years. His uniform and memorbablia were on exhibit. Randy Lukasiewicz, of Omaha, added personal comments about Darryl and then read his Centennial essay entry "What I Like About Farwell." along with "Remembering" from '42 FHS graduate Galen Jackson's autobiography. He added that the 'school' graduated around 230 from @ 1921 to 1968 and that this occasion was to celebrate and 'graduate' Farwell Public School for all the care, nurturing, education, knowledge, mentoring, achievements and friendships that only a small school can do and DID! Farwell and the community are to be commended and need to feel proud, at this time of transition, for it's contributions to society in the arts, academic and athletic fields.

Family members, of the '26 team, were present representing Albert Horky, Albin Strelecki, Howard Waltman, Paul Lukasiewicz, Jack Jehorek and Charlie Hansen. Twelve chairs were set up in front for the departed honorees. Memories of Dan Hayes by his daughter Margaret Bittinger of Central City, were read. Lou Waltman, Lincoln, talked of his father, Howard, who was an orphan, loved baseball, and participated in community theaters. He eventually moved to Crete where he lived to be 95. He was such a great inspiration and help to the youth of the city that they named their softball complex in his honor.

Russ Jensen, Boelus, son of S-H League founder, Andy Jensen, and Bud Wilson, FHS 1933, Elba, an umpire for 43 years shared some personal moments and former FHS coach Al Gaston was recognized for his 2005 Induction into the Nebraska State High School Hall of Fame. FHS ('42) graduate and long-time Farwell ballplayer, Roy Olsen of St. Paul, was also in attendance.

The next part of the program was introduced by Auburn resident and Mayor, Robert Engles. He filled in for his personal friend and author, Jay Brady, and read "The State Basketball Tournament." He also added comments about the significance and need for small towns in the growth of a healthy Nebraska.

When Class of '56 spokesperson, Paul Collison of Kimberling, Mo. who still holding three Kearney State College rebounding records, surprisingly noticed the State Class E runnerup trophy, he was moved with emotion , skipped the reading and spoke from the heart about his school and tournament memories fifty years ago. Like Holstein, Farwell went into the final game undefeated but came up short. Classmates Jim Holecheck of Lincoln, Ray Jankiewicz of Glenwood, Ia., Carl Jerabek and Glen Hansen of Farwell, Betty (Jerabek) Ambrose of Worms, Joanne (Ambrose) Ziegler from Colby, Kansas, and David Gillespie from Rapid City, SD also added comments. Connie Wisch of Kearney was recognized because she is the one who brought volleyball to Farwell in the early 50's. Classmate Jerry Fanta joined his class later for supper and both Kathy Krzycki of Omaha and Jean Ballard of Colorado sent greetings on behalf of their departed spouses, Darryl and Bill, who both loved Farwell and sports.

The program ended with Lincoln resident, former FHS graduate and Farwell baseball legend Dan Dilla adding a few remarks and then giving a FAC explanation to the sound of "steel cleats" followed with the playing of "Small Town."

A complete surprise to the event was the showing of an oil painting, in progress, of the original Deminski Field by Delores Jehorek Knudsen of Grand Island. One year ago, she mentioned to Randy Lukasiewicz that if he ever found a picture, she'd paint it. Via a visit with Dan Dilla just two months and acquiring a 1938 photo and forwarded to Delores, she exhibited her wonderful work.

As announced, the Ord vintage "Tigers" appeared out of the cornfield around 4 pm. Socks, Stitch, Bangs, Baby Face and gang were just too much for Wick, Wheels, Feathers, Roscoe and other members of the home team Farwell Panthers who fell 25 to 12. Mark your calandar for an anticipated June 10, 2007 rematch.

Leonard Lemburg and Dakota Wolinski concluded Saturday evening with "Who's on First" and other old time movies. A benefit dance for St. Anthony's was held on Main Street. Sunday evening, the local community was entertained by a wonderful display of musical talent by the Luke Ham Sandwich Band from Longmont Colorado. They were in town for the 2nd Lukasiewicz Family Reunion and are descendants of former Farwell residents, Romuald, Charles, Edward and Darryl Lukasiewcz. They will also be performing at the 2006 Nebraska State Fair. This event was the last public event to be held in the Farwell Public School before it becomes the St. Paul Learning Center June 15th.

Since the church and school are facing closing challenges within the next couple weeks, the FAC introduced the NEW "Universytet Pozna at Farwell" shirt in recognition of the Arts and Educational contributions of this Polish community to society.

On Sunday, nearly 300 descendants, of Romuald and Constanczya Jehorek Lukasiewicz, from across the country, gathered in Farwell, also, for the 2nd Family reunion in 26 years. Both the Farwell Athletic Club and Lukasiewicz Reunions were recorded by Eternal Flames and DVD's are available at 1-308-750-4100.

Mark your calendar's to go hear the Luke Ham Sandwich (English for Lukasiewicz, as in Farwell, Ne.) Band at the Nebraska State Fair Labor Day weekend 2006! Also, orders are being taken for DVD's of the Farwell Athletic Club (vintage ballgame, program, interviews,,Dan Dilla, Paul Collison, etc) and Lukasiewicz Reunions for Sept-Oct. delivery. One for $15 or 2 for $25.



Of added significance to these activites are two recent announcements. The Oldest Polish Catholic Church West of the Mississippi, St. Anthony's in Farwell, along with Ashton, Elba, Rockville, will be CLOSING July 1st and Loup City becomes a Mission. Also, on June 15th, because of recent school consolidation issues, the Farwell Public School will become property of the St. Paul School District.

These are major, shocking and sad happennings, but a sign of the times. Regardless of the circumstances, this is just another reason to come and CELEBRATE the GREAT LIFE and HERITAGE we had the opportunity to experience and decide where to go from here. Basically, it's just the same circumstances our ancestors faced 100 years ago. New challenges, new opportunities!!!!

Hey gang,

First of all, mei cupa, mei cupa! Those of you that are Catholic, grew up pre-Vatican II, are around 50 years old, know Latin, were an altar-boy, remember the Beatles, Howdy Doody, black and white TV, Danny Mudloff's blue and white '57 Chevy and semi-pro baseball, will know what I just said. Translated it means, I'm sorry!

For one who believes in keeping up-to-date with things, I have to apologize for not being more current with FAC happenings on this website. I prefer to view it a site of quality, not necessarily one of daily updates. I hope you see it likewise and enjoy what you see.

Following you will find a Press Release regarding the 2nd Annual F.A.C. gathering to be held in Farwell on June 10th, 2006. It tells of the planned festivities so please read, share and plan to attend. It promises to be a very special day, beginning with an Open-House Friday evening and then progressing into Saturday opening at 10 AM with a program at 2:00, some new items for sale, old movies, and concluding with a dance, if we can pull it off. Speaking of a movie, copies of the day's activities may be available at a later date. The Class of 55-56 also plan a get-together. It's also 80 years since Farwell won the Howard county Championship, so that is another reason to gather and celebrate.

If you are a Lukasiewicz or are related to Polish immigrants, Romuald and Constanczy Jehorek Lukasiewicz who settled around Poznan (now Farwell) Nebraska around the 1880's, read on for information and sign-up details for the Reunion planned for the very next day, June 11, right here in Farwell, also. Cousin Ron Sack, is going all out on this one. Omaha World Herald contributor Janice Gilmore captures wonderfully what life, reunions and the FAC are all about so please read her articles following and also at the DO YOU REMEMBER page.

It seems just like yesterday when I left Erma Nesiba Petersen's place in Kearney last year thinking I need to do something with the wonderful contribution of Farwell's past she so graciously shared.

You have to admit, it is not everyday you come across the scrapbook of one of Farwell's most celebrated and honored citizen's and athletes, Chic Petersen. Like gathers like, and he assembled a wonderful 40 page book of the Sherman-Howard League composed mostly of articles and stories and a few pictures. Page after page contains newspaper accounts back to the Leagues' very beginning in 1914. Something that special had to be shared with others, and out of an appreciation to Irma, I decided to have a public viewing of it and 40-plus photos last August.

In addition to Erma, I have to give thanks to Kathy Krzycki, wife of Darryl, a special friend and former Farwell resident, graduate and athlete. Shortly after his passing, Kathy shared her husband's unbelievable collection of books and memorabilia, including a 60's Farwell baseball uniform. Garnet Dilla of Grand Island was added to this list of significant contributors because of she and her family's interest and generosity of photos back in her husband's days. Anyone at all connected to Farwell, Grand Island and baseball will surely remember and appreciate her husband, Jr. Dilla, and families, athletic career.

Farwell baseball trivia question #1 What former Farwell player played with Ty Cobb and babe Ruth? answer below

That brings us up to May, 2006. What a year and so much to be thankful for. Some exciting moments worthy of mentioning is the phone call I received the morning of last years program. It was from a lady just a few miles away in Central City. Her name was Margaret Bittinger. She is the daughter of Dan Hayes, a member of the 1926 Farwell team, that was in the photo just THAT MORNING in the GI Independent. She recognized his picture, called me immediately, wrote a couple pages of his life and then jaunted up to Farwell right afterwards. This is special because of all the guys in that picture, Dan was one of just a few that I knew absolutely nothing about and never thought I would. And of all places, he lived just a few counties east. He died rather young but with the honor of having caught for Grover Cleveland Alexander and Chic Petersen.

Two very special friends and former classmates of my dad's that I have come to appreciate as heroes and mentors are Galen Jackson from Rock Rapids, Iowa and Roy Olsen from St. Paul. Check out the 1939 team photo! Galen's dad, H.T., is the coach and Galen and Roy are the youngsters of the bunch. They have been very generous of stories and pictures. Last years program wasn't over before Udell Kremlacek showed off his unique pictures of him Vian and Darryl Lukasiewicz. They will be some of the new ones for this year. Can anyone fill me or Al (Linus) Strelecki in on details of the 1951 Farwell season? He sent a great post-game picture. Thanks also are directed to Lou Kipp, Ray Gudenrath, and Dan Dilla for pictures and stories. Cousin Larry Luke, I love your stories, zest and enthusiasm and suggestion to check out the field in Crete Ne., dedicated and named after former local great, Howard Waltman. It led to meeting Howard's son that same weekend.

Farwell baseball trivia question #2: What two guys were invited to try-out camps for New York and St. Louis teams in 1948? answer below

Have you ever had your heart tug at you and you feel you should do something? Well, I have to admit with some regrets, one incident last year. I remember the Jensen's from Boelus. Chances are if you know anything about local sports and baseball, you know who Andy Jensen is. According to Dan Dilla, former resident, FHS graduate, Sherman-Howard player, and a brother of Jr., he and Albert Horky were two of the absolutely best players he ever seen. In addition, Andy also was a League founder in 1914 along with Geo. Dilla. Well, I was always going to go over and visit with him to reminisce baseball in Howard County. I never made it, and now Andy is in the starting lineup for the Heavenly All-Stars. You know the rest of the story. The moral of the story is not to dilly-dally and never do tomorrow, what you can do today.

Speaking of not putting off, Dallas Wysocki, a S-H player from the 60's, thank God, did not wait a year to come to the Celebration. Even though somewhat restricted, he came from Omaha with his daughter and thoroughly enjoyed the days festivities and reacquaintances. He will be missed this year, but we are happy to say he too made the Heavenly All-Star team just recently.

In conclusion, I thank you for coming to this site for whatever reason. Memories and remembering and sharing can be healing. I hope you find and found this site just that. I believe I am not alone thinking, feeling and believing those were the good old days! They may have been, but we have to realize, these are too and we have the opportunity and even the responsibility, to make them so! Back then, I sensed Responsibility and more care for each other and our world. Today, I feel there is more concern for ME and MY Rights

That leads me to the final point that this site really is meant to be more about LIFE, the Arts, writing, reading, and improving our communities in addition to baseball and sports.

It's about those three letters inscribed on that 1919 basketball and team shirts and lived out so wonderfully back then. It's about F.A.C., Faith, Attitude, and Community

Remember, these ARE those Good Ole Days!


Trivia answers... #1 Howard Waltman; --- #2 Dan Dilla and Darryl Lukasiewicz.


You are cordially invited to attend the Lukasiewicz family reunion in Farwell (forever Posen), Nebraska.

June 11, 2006 has been chosen for the date as it is near the June 13th Feast Day of Saint Anthony of Padua, for whom Farwell's Catholic Church is named after.

The festivities begin with rolls and coffee at Farwell's historic Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church at 9:00 a.m.

A Mass follows at 10:00 a.m.

The official Lukasiewicz family photograph will take place on the steps of Saint Anthony's Catholic Church between 11:15 and 11:30 a.m.

A catered lunch will be served at noon.

After the meal, around 1:15 p.m., there will be several presentations on the Lukasiewicz family tree and our rich history. We hope you'll want to share yours.

Families will have their family trees on display and we hope you'll bring some of your family's historical items to display for the day.

Casual attire is recommended.

For more information, please contact
Randy Lukasiewicz, 308.750.4100
Ron Sack, 402.423.9782
or Mary Sack-Hedrick, 308.754.9183

Romuald and Konstancya Jehorek Lukasiewicz came to America in 1872 and 1873 respectively. They first settled in Momence, Illinois and later moved to Howard County, Nebraska in October, 1880. They were among the first settlers of what was then Posen, Nebraska.

The couple had 14 children: Frank, Charles, Joseph, Alois, Vonda Mamot, Leo, Anna Sidel, Clara Nagorski, Monica (Mamie) Knothe, and five children that died in infancy. Their eldest son, Frank, died tragically when he was struck by a horse at the age of 11.

Please help us keep their memories alive.

About the display...

Besides the reunion, we hope you can participate in our family tree and displays. We encourage each of the eight families of Charles, Joseph, Alois, Wanda (Vonda) Mamot, Leo, Anna Sidel, Clara Nagorski, and Monica (Mamie) Knothe to display items, artifacts, and mementoes from their families. As an example, some of the items Anna and William Sidel's family will be bringing are Anna's wedding crown; a crucifix given to them at their 1911 wedding; an old Lukasiewicz Harness Shop advertising item; photographs of their five children; and Anna's wedding trunk.

We will be setting these eight family history tables up prior to the events on Saturday evening, June 10, and early Sunday morning, June 11, in Farwell. There should be family members on hand to help you with your items.

About the meal...

We need all reservations in by Saturday, June 3, 2006. Please fill out the form below and send it in with the proper amount. This meal and reunion are not limited to just the Lukasiewicz families. Our friends, and anyone with a connection to the family, is invited to attend. Spread the word!

Family reunion updates can be found on www.farwellathleticclub.com or periodically in the St. Paul Phonograph-Herald newspaper.

Its your memory. Its our history. Its worth saving.

Randy Lukasiewicz is also coordinating the upcoming June 10, 2006 Farwell Athletic Club/Sherman-Howard League open house.

It will honor teams, members, and descendants. Exhibits will be set up for viewing on Friday, June 9 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. at the Farwell Public School and on Saturday, June 10, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The program is slated for Saturday at 2:00 p.m. in the Farwell Public School. Other Farwell High School athletic teams will be honored as well. Following the program, the Ord Tigers, a vintage ball team, will appear out of the cornfield for an exhibition game at the field adjoining St. Anthony's church at 4:00 p.m. Other festivities are also being planned and hopefully a dance that all are invited to attend!.

Official Lunch Reservation Form

The 2006 Lukasiewicz Reunion Sunday Lunch Buffet (served Sunday, June 11 at 12:00 p.m. in Farwell).

Menu includes:

Potato Salad, Vegetable Salad, Orange Fruit Salad, Polish Sausage w/Sauerkraut, Prime Rib Seasoned Beef, Homemade Dinner Rolls, & Frosted Sugar Cookies.

Price: $7.50 per adult; $4.50 per children 12 years and younger.

_____ Yes, I/we plan on attending the reunion. Enclosed is my check.

Name/phone number: ___________________

Number of adults _____ x $7.50 3D _____

Number of children _____ x $4.50 3D _____

Total: ____________

All reservations must be received by June 3, 2006. No exceptions.

Please make checks payable to House of Memories and send it to:

House of Memories, 506 Seventh Street, St.
Paul, Nebraska 68873, 308.754.9183.

Thank you!

For this Farwell Athletic Club and it's website, I dedicate it to my mom and dad, Lavern and Eunice, and my grandpas Paul and Allen, my grandmas Emelia and Clara and my great-grandparents Charlie and Anna, all of whom I knew, who taught me how to run, jump, throw and catch whatever life throws at you and to Do Your Best.

I am also very grateful to Romuald and Constanszya Lukasiewicz, the clan's hard-working Polish immigrants, who persevered and tilled the land here in Howard County in the mid-19th century. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears and faith to go on after getting hailed out the night before harvest, wouldn't you say?

I am also grateful to Darryl Krzycki who, as a true soul-brother, wonderfully captured and proudly lived the Spirit of Farwell, day-in, day-out, to his very end.

I am also grateful for all the people of Farwell and all the many grand and great-grandfathers and mothers of days past who lived their days to the fullest, whether at home, in church, on the field, in the gym, uptown, or at school. Because of their interaction and what they learned by working, playing and praying together, they became the cornerstones of this community.

Now, generations later, and like most dying small towns, their kin have helped numerous other surrounding communities to prosper. By the memories they left us, the pictures preserved, the dreams pursued, the stories told and re-told, may we proudly continue the tradition of Quality, Excellence, and Perseverance, wherever we are.

The race of life continues and the baton is being presented to us daily to continue the race of life here on planet earth.

Former Governor Frank Morrison, who taught at Farwell High in 1929, put it well.
He said We are merely neighbors traveling together on spaceship Earth through the cosmos. Our task is to get along with our neighbors, ESPECIALLY NOW, as we enter the NUCLEAR AGE.

May we all confidently grasp the baton with courage and determination to run our leg of the race, daily, to the end. To those who will follow after us, I dedicate this site, that they too may find Hope and Courage to follow their dreams.

And lastly, when you go to bed tonight, do please take a knee for all the men and women that have given up their lives for our freedoms.

Nothing is free and a big price has been paid because of wars. We know our lives, families, and communities would be a whole lot different had thousands and thousands of young men and women not said yes to the call over the years. Just think of all the wonderful family, community and baseball memories that were cut short because of violence.

I have heard countless stories of guys that literally walked away from or were called away from the family farm, a Main Street business and the local town team baseball fields to proudly serve their country. There were many GREAT ball players that really, really loved baseball, for the love of the game, whose careers were cut short.

Thanks for stopping by to visit the Farwell Athletic Club! Stop by often to see what new in news, products, and events. By golly, with the wonderful Nebraska baseball museum in St. Paul, Howard County could be designated baseball County of the nation, maybe even the World!

Your comments are very welcome and appreciated. Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon!

Please pass along the F.A.C. word and remember to tell your friends!

Remember these quotes by my favorite Polish hero, Mike Ditka:
YOU gotta make it happen and Everybody has heroes,
and this by Nebraska Poet-Laureate John G. Neihardt:
One day, YOU WILL rejoice to remember.

I hope that day is today, for you.

Randy Luke Lukasiewicz

c/o Farwell Athletic Club
P.O. Box 158
Farwell, Ne. 68838


Other sites of interest:

www.polishheritagecenter.com, check out this wonderful Polish museum and resource center on-line or just 10 miles West of Farwell.

www.FarwellNe.com, that quaint Polish village built on a hill.

www.thefarwellarms.com, for that place to stay when in the area.

www.stpaulnebraska.com for the Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball.
You must see this place if you like baseball!

this amazing life and accomplishments should be common knowledge
and known by every Nebraskan and taught to every fourth grader.
Learn also of Black Elk and the strength and power of his Great Vision.
Bancroft Nebraska is another must experience place.

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