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The Farwell Athletic Club

Welcome to the Farwell Athletic Club!

This site was created for those challenged by Adventure, inspired by Courage and lead by Faith and Perseverance.

I firmly believe that around 90 years ago, a small group of young men in the little Polish village of Farwell, Nebraska (Posen, back then) created such a club. They may not have realized it, but because of goals, guts, dreams and sheer determination, the groundwork was being set for endeavors that would challenge the body, mind, spirit and soul.

Don't worry if you are not a sports buff. Rumors, stories and photos continually emerge of the music, arts and educational achievements of many locals, now, near and far, who have lived, worked, prayed and played in and around Farwell.

So the inclusive F.A.C. can also represent the Farwell Arts Club and since Grandpa sold International Harvestor for 50 years a Farwell Ag. Club would be a natural.

If you don't care for sports, Farwell, the Arts or Agriculture, then your F.A.C. cap will just represent your own town and your Friday Afternoon Club. Regardless of the Club, wear those F.A.C. colors proudly, and more importantly, remember what they stand for:


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